CCL's Postpartum Support Groups

You had me at Postpartum Support.

Moms sharing joys.  And challenges.  Practical support you need in real time from the comfort of home.  

Community and resources all in one place.

CCL is here for postpartum moms-- with new, live on-line, facilitated support groups and digital materials, including a review of our Postpartum Class.

Choose a day and time that work for you and your baby.


Elizabeth is currently pregnant with her fourth child herself and has experienced a variety of baby feeding issues along the way.  NFP has brought she and her husband Seth to discover a deeper intimacy in their relationship. Elizabeth especially loves walking along with women navigating the confusing postpartum times and personally understands the challenges on-going health issues add to the practice of NFP.


Bernadette is a mom of three kiddos.  NFP is a foundation of her marriage to her husband Robert.  Together they have experienced living postpartum NFP multiple times, including the transition from exclusive and continued breastfeeding to cycling again. Bernadette has a true heart for moms and also helps lead "Mary’s Moms," a Catholic mom’s group, regularly in her local area.



Melissa is a mother of five, ages 18 down to a precious 3 year-old with medical special needs. She and her husband Jesse credit NFP with keeping them focused on their relationship despite life's distractions during their almost 20 year marriage.  Melissa has experience with nutrition-based self-care for continued pregnancy (morning) sickness, as well as breastfeeding supply challenges and all the emotions that come with those challenges.  

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Each group will dive into the same four areas-

  • Self Care
  • Baby Care, including breastfeeding
  • Nutrition, Health, & Wellness
  • Marital Intimacy and NFP, including a collection of Postpartum Class review video clips

*Vetted resources for the special considerations of postpartum depression, adverse diagnoses, and marital struggles are also included.

Purchase of your membership in a 4 week Support Group series includes access to digital materials for each topic, as well as membership in a private Facebook Group. You will receive emails and invites with links to access everything before the first meeting, all for $40.